What is StarrFantasy?
StarrFantasy is a Twitch.tv integrated browser based RPG. In StarrFantasy you can adventure, explore new lands, delve into dangerous dungeons with friends, level up and equip your character, participant in sieges when Aurorastarr is live on twitch and so much more.

There is no need to create an account, all you need is a twitch account to start adventuring in StarrFantasy today!
Deep Character Customization
You won't be running out of character building and customization options anytime soon with...
  • 25+ unique character classes
  • 8 equipment slot
  • 45+ weapon/armor proficiency skills to level
  • 100+ unique abilities you can use and upgrade
Highly Customizable Item & Loot System
Further customize your character with items you can earn by completing quests, delving dungeons, defeating monsters and more.

Items in StarrFantasy can have many different attribute and stat combinations to help you build your character the way you envision it.

Loot is king in StarrFantasy and there are many ways to obtain loot, from crafting to defeating bosses to purchasing it on the market from other players. The way you obtain your loot is totally up to you.
Explore and Adventure
Explore & Adventure in the world of StarrFantasy by yourself or with friends. There are many zones, dungeons, expeditions and hidden discoveries for you to find and unlock. With...
  • 50+ Unique zones to discover, adventure and explore
  • 10+ Dungeons and Expeditions to delve into, for the promise of loot and discoveries. (With more to come)
  • Many hidden areas to discover
StarrFantasy has a full party system so you can combine your strengths with your friends to overcome great challenges.
Replayable Dungeon/Expeditions System
Gather your friends and delve as deep as you can in StarrFantasy's Dungeons, in search of rare loot and experience or pack heavy and set out on an expedition

Dungeons and Expeditions will test your characters skills and your resource management abilities. Get to the end and be rewarded.
Building System
StarrFantasy features a full town building system. Take control of your own private residence complex. Make sure your citizens and workers don't starve while keeping the treasury full.

You can customize your private residence by turning it into a mini town and manage citizens and taxes or a crafting hub, or a farming complex and provide food to other players or any other combination you can think of.
Item Crafting System
StarrFantasy has a full crafting and skill system. You are able to craft any equipment item if you have the skills to do so.

The more you craft an item type, the better you become and are able to unlock more power items to craft. Rare materials can be found and sold in dungeons and throughout the world of StarrFantasy
There are many more features that aren't listed here from a full quest system to factions and reputation, player to player in game market and more.

We invite you to come adventure with us in the world of StarrFantasy and explore these features for yourself